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10 Most Effective Home Remedies for Gout

10 Most Effective Home Remedies for Gout

9. Exercises to Avoid Gout Flare ups

Exercising is essential, for gout-relief too. Exercises not only makes you lose weight, which is one of the prerequisites for avoiding gout but also keep your joints flexible. However, when there occurs gout flare up and your joint is a swollen painful lump, you should pay attention towards reducing your sufferings through proper diet, remedies and medicines and never do exercise. It may prolong your gout attack. Just gently moving your joints through its range of motion may prevent stiffness in such periods. It is when your gout flare up is subsided should you begin gradual exercising for regaining strength and movement of the muscles adjoining the joints.

I am citing certain exercises below that may help reduce your painful symptoms and recurrence of gout flare ups. While doing exercise, you must take utmost precaution because you certainly do not want to make the pain of your joints get worsened by exercising in the wrong way. It’s better to practically learn from trained teacher about how to do the exercises so that they go easy on your joints. One more caution- consult your doctor before starting any form of exercise.

Stretching is very good for getting relief from gout. Stretching exercises increase your joints flexibility as well as range of motion. When you stretch your muscles before and after workouts, you are ensuring that your joints do not get damaged easily. It also helps in decreasing the soreness you may feel after working out. These are some of the basic stretching exercises for your various body parts.

Shoulders Stretching
• Let both of your hands by your sides.
• Now roll your shoulders forward for about half minute.
• Then roll shoulders backwards for another 30 seconds.
• Repeat for about 5-10 times.

Wrists Stretching
• Stretch your hands straight in front of you.
• Make fists.
• Now roll your wrists clockwise for 10 times.
• Then roll your wrists anti-clockwise for 10 minutes.

Back and Hamstrings
• Sit on the floor and place your legs straight out in front of you
• Now reach forward with hands out to touch your toes.
• Hold for about 10-15 seconds.
• Release and sit straight.
• Repeat for 3-5 times.

Cardiovascular and Aerobic Exercises
Whatever you do, you have to go for low impact exercises. Cardiovascular exercises help your lungs to function effectively so that your body is capable of using the more oxygen you get in metabolizing the acid in your body including uric acid. Aerobic exercises will strengthen your muscles belonging to lower body parts including those situated in joints. So what exercises to do? Here are some suggestions, they are all low impact exercises which will put lesser pressure on your joints.
• Brisk walking
• Climbing stairs
• Dancing

Do them after consulting your doctor and begin by doing only 10 minutes of exercises daily. Gradually increase the time and bring it to 30-40 minutes daily, five days a week.

Swimming is specially good for you or any other gout patient. Swimming, as well as water aerobics, increase mobility of your joints without putting full impact of gravity on them. Whenever you are in water, you are putting less stress on the joints. When swimming for gout relief, how fast you swim or how much distance do you cover doesn’t matter as much as how much time you spend in water. You should be there for about 30-45 minutes. However, start slowly with spending only about 15 minutes in water and then gradually increase your time there.

I am telling it again, before starting any exercise, consult your doctor. There’s one more thing to know. Exercising can help in stopping further build up of uric acid but you can not get rid of uric acid like you can with proper diet. Also don’t forget to stop exercising when there occur gout flair up. Once it subsides, you may start your daily exercise regime.

10. Some Quick Home Remedies for Gout Relief

Here are some more quick remedies for gout for you:

  • Take two teaspoons each of apple cider vinegar and honey, mix and have it. You’ll get instant relief from pain and swelling due to the anti inflammatory properties of honey and malic acid of apple vinegar.
  • Limit or totally avoid alcohol because it is a gout trigger. Your body retains the urate crystals due to alcohol and don’t let them be excreted out of body. Some of the recent studies suggest that even beer can increase the risk of gout symptoms, especially in men.
  • Avoid taking over-the-counter water pills and other diuretics as they slow down the excretion of uric acid from your body thus help in increasing the risk of gout. However, if your doctor prescribes a diuretic for some condition like high blood pressure, you should make your doctor aware of your tendency toward gout attacks.
  • Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises to ease your pain due to gout. This may sometimes reduce inflammation of joints too.
  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and drink it when you realize that there will be a spell of intense gout pain. There will always be a little pain before it gets bigger. If you have baking soda in water, you will instantly stop this pain from getting worse.
  • When you suffer from gout attack, drink 2 to 4 liters of fluid every day, half of which should be water. Avoid alcohol and limit your daily intake of meat, fish and poultry to about 113 to 170 gm. Have moderate amount of protein from such healthy sources as low-fat or fat-free dairy, tofu, eggs, and nut butters.

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