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10 Most Effective Home Remedies for Gout

10 Most Effective Home Remedies for Gout

3. Help from Other Fruits and Veggies

Just like the dark colored fruits including cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, purple grapes, there are many other fruits that can help you in getting relief from gout. Which fruit can provide gout relief in what ways can be known from the below facts.

Apple: There is this acid called ‘malic acid’ in apple which helps in neutralizing the excessive uric acid in your body. You can go by the old saying- an apple a day keeps ‘gout’ away! If you can have this apple after meal, even better. This will help neutralize the uric acid faster to give you relief from pain and inflammation. You can even have apple juice. You may also use home made apple preserves. Whatever way, you should have apples.

Banana: The high amount of potassium and phosphorus in bananas are capable of altering uric acid crystals into liquid which can be easily flushed out of your system. Bananas also have high content of vitamin C that can give you relief from pain and swelling. Therefore, you should have at least one to two bananas a day.

Grapes: Grapes are alkaline foods and again help in neutralizing uric acid. They also avoid building up of acid and help in eliminating it from body. However, if you are diabetic, you should consult with your doctor before adding grapes and even bananas in your diet.

Orange: Oranges are beneficial for the same reason- their citric acid and vitamin C which help in neutralizing uric acid. Orange juice is also beneficial for you.

Gooseberry: Amla or Indian gooseberry is the best source of vitamin C. If you can, have an amla every morning. The best thing is that when you convert amla into jam, jelly or cook it, it doesn’t lose its vitamin C’s quality. So, you can have it in any form.

Strawberries: Strawberries too are good sources of vitamin C. Have fresh strawberries and a lots of them during the day.

Cucumber: Cucumber is very beneficial in gout probably due to the high water content in it. You may like to have this delicious juice made up of carrot, cucumber and beet root. A juice wholly made of cucumber would also do.

French beans: Juice made up of French beans too is beneficial to get relief from pain and inflammation due to gout. Drink half a cup of such juice once or twice a day.

4. Have Lime Juice to Neutralize Uric Acid

I have not included lemon in the list of fruits for three reasons. One, you may not deem it a fruit. Two, I wanted to emphasize the importance of lemon and lime juice for gout remedy and three, you may or may not have fruits on a regular basis but if you suffer from gout, you should make it a point to have fresh lime juice twice or thrice a day. Just squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and have it. You may even include lime juice in your meals- in raw form though. Citric acid in lemon neutralizes the excessive uric acid in your blood giving your body alkalinity.

5. Avoid Purine Loaded Foods

So far, we had been talking about eliminating or preventing uric acid. What if we also analyze the way uric acid is formed and stop the very source that produces this acid leading to gout! The uric acid in your blood is due to the breakdown of chemicals called purines. Purines come from having too much of organ meats, certain fish, dried peas, lentils and legumes. So avoid these foods. At least cut down on them in a major way and totally avoid them when you are under a gout attack. This is the list of purine foods that you should try to avoid.

  • Organ Meats including liver, kidney, brains
  • Red meat
  • Sweetbreads
  • Sardines
  • Anchovies
  • Meat extracts
  • Dried peas
  • Lentils
  • Legumes

However, since fish is good for heart and overall health, try to have other fish that do not have high contents of purines. You should anyways limit such intake to about 170 gms daily. When there are gout flare ups, totally avoid animal protein.

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Sara is a Boston-based registered dietitian who works with clients to improve their health by optimizing nutrition. You can find her running, sweating in hot yoga, cooking in the kitchen, dining out, or exploring. Eating Food-Mostly Plants, and improving our relationship with food, is the secret to lifelong health in her eyes.


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  13. Water is key. If you are going to have a surgery, make sure it is first thing in the morning. The reason being is that you have to fast the night before – including no fluid. So drink as much water as possible up to the time allowed and you will be fine. My worst gout flare occurred after a surgery because of this.

    I have tried the baking soda and apple cider during a flare but did not notice any improvement.

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