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Tea Tree Oil for Scalp

Tea tree oil, the essential oil derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree of Australian origin, can be a boon to you if you suffer from dry itchy scalp, dandruff, or any other scalp problems, even scalp fungus, psoriasis and scalp eczema! So, if you are wary of chemical solutions for your scalp problems, opt for tea tree oil but after testing it thoroughly on your skin as this very strong oil has been known to even cause skin allergies when not used cautiously! Let’s know how tea tree oil is good for scalp and its problems.

Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Scalp

Yes, if we go by the traditional usage of tea tree oil it has been an effective natural alternative treatment for scalp problems. The reasons are obvious- the antiseptic, antibiotic and antifungal properties of tea tree oil that help you get rid of such issues as itchy and dry scalp. However, if we go by the research status about tea tree oil for scalp problems, the test studies for effectiveness of tea tree oil in treating dandruff, itchy scalp and other scalp problems are inconclusive. This might just mean that you have to remain really watchful when applying this oil to your problematic scalp as it may lead to various side effects. So, if you use strong tea tree oil undiluted, you may have allergic reactions that can range from mild irritation to severe redness, itching and blistering on your scalp. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that tea tree oil has to be used only topically. It may prove to be toxic if taken internally!

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp and Dandruff

If your scalp produces too much of oil or the sebum as we know it technically, this excessive oil may cause your skin cells to stick together and give rise to what you call white flakes. Your dandruff can be a result of various causes such as dry skin, allergy to or sensitivity to certain hair products, such scalp diseases as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or eczema and even an overgrowth of yeast. The good news is that tea tree oil for dry scalp and dandruff is too effective, barring only few people who are allergic to this oil. There are terpenes in tea tree oil. They are hydrocarbons that are not only antibacterial and anti-fungal etc. but also have fine moisturizing benefits. The oil also penetrates into the dead cells build-up and cleans off any nasty thing that might be making your scalp itchy and dry!

Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp

Here are some tips on how to use tea tree oil for dry scalp and dandruff.

Use Diluted Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp

The best and the easiest way to dilute the strong tea tree oil is to mix it with water.

Get this:

  • Water- 1 cup
  • Tea tree oil- 4-5 drops
  • Spray Bottle

Do this:

  • Pour the water in your empty spray bottle
  • Add tea tree oil to this
  • Put the lid on and give it a good shake.
  • Now use this mixture, the diluted tea tree oil to spray all over your scalp 2-3 times a day.
  • Do this at least for 7-10 days.

Mix Other Oils with Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp and Dandruff

Tea tree oil is a real strong essential oil. So, if you have bought pure tea tree oil and it is not mixed with other oils or beneficial ingredients, you need to mix it with some other oil if you don’t want to aggravate the problem of your irritated scalp.

Get this:

  • Carrier oil (Olive oil/Coconut oil/Jojoba oil)- 2-3 tbsp
  • Tea tree oil- 4-5 drops

Do this:

  • Combine the carrier oil of your choice and the tea tree oil.
  • Mix them well.
  • Now massage your scalp with this.
  • Leave the oil onto your scalp for at least half an hour. The best thing to do is to leave it overnight.
  • Then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Repeat 2-3 times a week initially. Once you get rid of dryness and dandruff of your scalp, you do this once in a week or a fortnight.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Itchy Scalp and Dandruff

You can have an itchy scalp due to many reasons such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, head lice, allergic reaction, psoriasis and fungal infection etc. The good thing is that all of these can be treated with the all-natural tea tree oil to a great extent.

Use Tea Tree Oil with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has lauric Acid which makes it anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent. This helps you treat any type of infection along with tea tree oil which also has anti-microbial properties. Further if your scalp is itchy with dryness and dandruff then also coconut oil helps as it is an excellent emollient that helps sooth dryness as well as removes itchy flakes.

Get this:

  • Coconut oil- 1-2 tbsp
  • Tea tree oil- 5-8 drops

Do this:

  • Add tea tree oil to the coconut oil.
  • Now using your fingers, massage your scalp with this oil mixture.
  • Focus on the very dry and flaky scalp patches but massage all of your scalp
  • Now leave it for 30 minutes or overnight.
  • Wash off with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Repeat 2-3 times a week.

Use Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil for Itchy Scalp

Peppermint oil is one of the best aniti-inflammatory oils and thus it helps relieve itchy scalp miraculously when used with tea tree oil. Additionally, the antioxidants in the peppermint oil nourishes and protects your scalp and hair roots. Like tea tree oil, peppermint oil too is anti-septic in nature. So, it is wise to use these two oils for your itchy scalp.

Get this:

  • Olive or jojoba oil- 1 tbsp
  • Peppermint oil- ½ tsp
  • Tea tree oil- 4-5 drops

Do this:

  • Combine all the oils
  • Massage your scalp with this oil mix
  • Leave for about 20-30 minutes
  • Wash off with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Repeat 2-3 times a week till you get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff.

Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil for Itchy Scalp

If you have this additional problem of smelly scalp along with itchiness there, you may be relieved to know that aloe vera along with tea tree oil can do wonders for your scalp problem. You get soft hair too, thanks to the nutrient rich aloe vera that goes to heal skin in a unique way by regenerating cells.

Get this:

  • Aloe vera gel- 3-4 tbsp
  • Pure tea tree oil- 20-25 drops

Do this:

  • Add tea tree oil to the aloe vera gel and mix well.
  • Apply this to your scalp
  • Leave it for 30-40 minutes.
  • Wash off with shampoo and conditioner or the normal way you wash your hair.
  • Repeat twice a week.

Mix Tea Tree Oil in Sulphate Free or Baby Shampoo

Sulphate contents in our shampoos are one of the irritants that might lead to an itchy scalp. Thus, find out a shampoo that is all natural and is free of such names as sodium laurel sulphate or propyl alcohol- these are potentially carcinogenic chemicals and do more harm to your body than good to your hair. Also, try to find such natural shampoo that is preservative free. If you cannot find such shampoo, use baby shampoo. Although they use the similar cleansing agents or the sulfates that are there in our regular shampoos, these are at least present in smaller amounts in the baby shampoo. Now you can add tea tree oil to this to make a specialized shampoo that relives an itchy scalp.

Get this:

  • Natural chemical free shampoo or baby shampoo- ½ cup
  • Tea tree oil- 10-20 drops

Do this:

  • Add the tea tree oil to the shampoo and mix well.
  • Now wash your hair with this shampoo.
  • Repeat this daily or everytime you shampoo your hair till you get rid of itchy scalp.
  • This is one of the most effective ways to use tea tree oil on oily scalp.

Make Homemade Hair Tonic with Aloevera Tea tree oil for Oily Scalp

You have already known that how aloe vera moisturizes your scalp to relieve excessive dryness and itching. With this, if you add some essential oils along with tea tree oil, you get an extremely effective hair tonic for your oily itchy scalp

Get this:

  • Water- 2 cups
  • Aloe vera gel- 1 cup
  • Essential oil (cypress, juiniper or lavender oil- any one of this)- 20 drops
  • Tea tree oil- 20 drops

Do this:

  • Mix all the ingredients and store in a bottle or jar.
  • To use this hair tonic, apply it to your scalp and massage for a few minutes.
  • Leave it there for about 30-40 minutes.
  • Now wash off your scalp and hair with some mild shampoo.
  • If you have an oily scalp, you may need to use it daily or even twice a day to get rid of the oiliness that gives rise to itchy scalp and dandruff.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Fungus

Scalp fungal infection can be really a nightmare. If you suffer from this severe scalp disease called Tinea capitis or scalp ringworm, you may need to have oral anti-fungal medicines prescribed by doctor. However certain home remedies might work in treating scalp fungus. But first be clear that scalp ringworm is not caused by some worm but by fungi just like athlete’s foot or ringworm infection of skin. Fungi that cause such scalp infections like tinea capitis grow and survive in damp, warm conditions. Therefore, you need to keep your scalp dry that might become wet often by water or sweat. Apart from this, use the below remedy with apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil for scalp fungus home treatment.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Fungus

Apple cider vinegar has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It not only treats dandruff but also help combat the bacteria and yeast-like fungus that are behind the recurring instances of dandruff. Tea tree oil enhances the functioning of apple cider vinegar on your scalp fungus.

Get this:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar- ½ cup
  • Water- 1 cup
  • Tea tree oil- 10-15 drops

Do this:

  • Combine water, vinegar and tea tree oil.
  • Wash your hair as you do regularly, with shampoo and water.
  • Now rinse your hair one more time with the apple cider vinegar-tea tree oil mix.
  • Wait for few minutes and if needed wash your hair once again with water.
  • Repeat this 2-3 times a week or even daily if your scalp problem is severe.

Warning: If your scalp problem increases after using this remedy, stop using it and see your doctor.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that makes the life of the person suffering from it really difficult. It is in fact, an auto-immune condition where your skin get red patches that irritate and itches a lot. Actually, when you suffer from psoriasis, your skin regeneration process is accelerated. This causes scaly plaques of skin. When it is on your scalp, it is obviously called scalp psoriasis. Scalp psoriasis makes the affected area of your scalp tight, painful and even bloody with red patches all over your scalp.  Psoriasis get aggravated due to stress, fragrant skin or hair products, alcohol consumption, dry skin, and even due to injuries to the skin. Apart from avoiding these conditions, you can use tea tree oil for scalp psoriasis that is one of the best natural treatments available for this scalp disease.

Tea Tree Oil, due to its, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, help relieve the symptoms caused by scalp psoriasis. It keeps your scalp clear and prevents infection that might result from frequent scratching or itching. However, tea tree oil may not actually treat psoriasis for which you need to consult a doctor.

Here are some ways to use tea tree oil for scalp psoriasis.

Use Coconut Oil with Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Psoriaisis

Coconut oil and its lauric Acid act as anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent to prevent infections. This aids tea tree oil in relieving scalp psoriaisis.

Get this:

  • Coconut oil- 2-3 tbsp
  • 100% pure Tea tree oil- 5-8 drops

Do this:

  • Add the tea tree oil to the coconut oil.
  • Apply this oil to your scalp.
  • Leave it for few hours, preferably overnight.
  • Wash it off with a mild shampoo and water.
  • Repeat daily.

Add Tea Tree Oil in Shampoo or Conditioner to Relieve Scalp Psoriaisis

The probability is that you have already found a mild shampoo and conditioner that helps keep your scalp psoriasis condition under control. Make them more effective by adding tea tree oil to them.

Get this:

  • Tea tree oil- 1 part
  • Shampoo/Conditioner- 10 parts

Do this:

  • Add 1 part of tea tree oil to 10 parts of either your shampoo or conditioner.
  • You may even attempt to add it to both of the products you use.
  • Now use them as you do regularly.

Use Olive Oil with Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Psoriaisis

Olive oil helps loosen the flakes that are there due to psoriasis on your scalp. Therefore, a mixture of olive oil and tea tree oil is good for scalp psoriasis treatment.

Get this:

  • Olive oil- ½ cup
  • Tea tree oil- 5-10 drops

Do this:

  • Warm up the olive oil a little. Do not make it hot, just warm
  • Add tea tree oil to this.
  • Now apply this oil to your scalp and massage gently for a couple of minutes.
  • Leave it for minimum 10 minutes to maximum overnight.
  • Wash off your hair properly with your shampoo and water.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Eczema

Eczema, sometimes confused with psoriasis, is yet another scalp problem that makes your skin or scalp look red, inflamed, peeling, cracked, blistered, or even pus-filled. Usually it is not covered with scaly dead skin. Eczema is somewhat similar to an allergy and it occurs when your skin or scalp react to such triggers as dyes, fabrics, soaps, animals, or other irritants. Seborrheic dermatitis is in fact the most common type of scalp eczema and it causes the irritating dandruff that you intend to treat with tea tree oil.

Make a Blend of Essential Oils for Scalp Eczema

Not only tea tree oil, but many other essential oils are useful in fighting off scalp eczema. Here are some with a recipe to blend them all for treating scalp eczema.

Get this:

  • Tea tree oil – 3 drops
  • Peppermint oil- 2 drops
  • Lavender oil- 2 drops
  • Jojoba oil- 1 tbsp

Do this:

  • Mix all the oils and store in a small bottle. You can increase the amount of oils but keep their proportion the same. For example, if taking two tbsp of jojoba oil, double up the amount of each essential oil- tea tree- 6 drops and Peppermint and lavender- 4 drops each.
  • Apply a very little amount of this oil blend everyday onto your scalp.

If this seems too much to do, you can even add a little tea tree oil to only one carrier oil like jojoba oil or coconut or almond oil. Apply this oil mixture to your scalp and leave for 10-15 minutes before washing it off. This is the simplest remedy you can follow to get rid of scalp eczema using tea tree oil.

All these remedies using tea tree oil for scalp problems go a long way to help you get rid of various scalp issues ranging from dry skin, itchy scalp and dandruff to scalp fungus, scalp psoriasis and eczema. You just need to get a good quality pure tea tree oil and mix it with the right ingredient specific to your scalp problem.

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