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About Me

Hey All,

Welcome to the world of home remedies!!!

I am Avni, who shares a treasure of home remedies with you. I am in the United States for past 10 years, whereas my native place is India. I am a strong believer of Naturopathy. I feel nature has given us solution for each of our health issues. We just have to apply the remedies in a right way. Fortunately, I received information about quick home solution on many diseases from my grandmother. I feel so lucky that I can solve small health issues at home and every time there is no need of popping tablets. The main inspiration behind this blog (RapidHomeRemedies.com) is to pass on the wise words of home remedies to people around the world. All remedies are tried and tested. They are very effective and easy to apply. So keep reading my blogs. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!!



  1. very useful tips for my stretchmarks , i really fulfil on this in home remedies tips. thank u

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